The Importance of Community at SIA

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A strong sense of community is an essential value in the Jewish culture. At Strelitz International Academy (SIA), we foster this sense of community in all of our students. Through the core values we teach and the examples we set, students learn the importance of community. With the help of Strelitz International Academy, your child can understand their connection to the local and global community.

Teaching Jewish Values-SIA’s Core Values

At Strelitz International Academy, we believe that your child should have a strong foundation of faith, education, and community. Because of this, we chose to incorporate the Jewish values of Kavod, Tikkun Olam, Torah v’Lishma, and Kehillah into our core values. These core values are Respect, Community, Repairing the World, and Love of Learning. Through the lessons we teach and the example we set, our students learn the importance of these core values.

Fostering Philanthropy and Charity

At Strelitz International Academy, students learn to repair the world through charity and philanthropy. Within the Jewish culture, tzedakah (charity) is translated as the moral obligation to give to others. Students in the primary years program learn the importance of giving and how it can help the community and their own spiritual growth. They participate in activities relating to the act of giving charitably and learn how this can repair the world. Similarly, students at SIA discover how to act philanthropically by understanding how much, where, and why they should give. Through these projects and lessons, SIA fosters a core value of repairing the world through charity.

Creating a Community of Respect-Locally and Globally

In addition to repairing the world, students learn the importance of respect and community. This sense of community is set through the examples of their peers and mentors. With organized community events such as the SIA Family Pasta Dinner, Fall Festival, Hanukkah celebration, families are able to connect and build relationships beyond the classroom. Similarly, Strelitz International Academy works with a number of outreach programs to foster a sense of community in the local area. Students participate in projects such as restocking the Jewish Family Service food pantry and providing Hanukkah gifts to children in need. These projects foster a sense of responsibility to the local community and reinforce the value of Tikkun Olam.

In addition, students are encouraged to explore the global community and learn respect for others. Students discover how to read and write in conversational Hebrew and biblical Hebrew. This connects them to their Israeli culture and heritage. With a rich knowledge of Jewish history, these students can feel a connection to their faith and the global community.

How SIA Teaches the Importance of Community

At Strelitz International Academy, our students learn the importance of community through the International Baccalaureate® program. Students are introduced to the global community within the primary years program and understand their place within it. Through inquiry-based learning, students are encouraged to explore areas of interest and develop respect for democratic ideals. Students develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and tools to form their own opinions and take the initiative within each subject. With this program, students learn that their personal actions can have long-lasting effects that make a difference.

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Strelitz International Academy is the best private elementary school in the Tidewater area. We take the time to imbue each of our classes with the core values we are dedicated to. With the inquiry-based learning approach provided by the International Baccalaureate® program, our graduates learn respect, community, repairing the world, and love of learning.

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