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Life and LegacyStudents enrolled in Strelitz International Academy are intellectually curious, self-disciplined, and independent thinkers. Established in 1955 as the only pluralistic Jewish community day school in Hampton Roads, we provide high quality, integrated Judaic and general studies education that establishes a strong foundation for lifelong learning in a dynamic, supportive, and enriching Jewish environment.  All families are welcomed, regardless of their denomination or level of observance.  SIA serves as entry points for engaged families to connect within the Jewish community and for many young parents to reunite with their Jewish roots.  Our Jewish community is stronger because of SIA.

Our students are involved in a holistic community where they are engaged in the world around them. They emerge from our program, accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, as better students, better people, and better citizens because of their enriching experience that builds confidence, critical thinking skills, and strong verbal skills.  They are happy, respectful and devoted to their education because of the close student-teacher relationship, small class size and differentiated learning that takes place in the classes.

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Life and Legacy Donors

Alene Kaufman Alyssa Muhlendorf Amy Weinstein Anonymous (5)
Ashley and Greg Zittrain Babbi Bangel Barb Gelb Beth Hirsch Berman
Burle Stromberg Cantor Wendi and Gigi Fried Carin & Mike Simon Carly & Chen Glikman
Carol and Ralph Greenhut David Cardon David Leon Deborah and Peter Segaloff
Doris and Seeman* Waranch Eliot Weinstein Elyssa Brinn Erica and Scott Kaplan
Erinn and Felix Portnoy Heather and Doug Moore Jasmine Amitay Jeff & Elayne Littman
Jonathan Muhlendorf Josephberg Family Judy Saperstein Kenny Weinstein
Laura and Fredric Gross Leora and Nathan Drory Leslie Marcus Auerbach Levi Brashevitzky
Lisa Leon M. David Proser Marcia and Amos Berkovich Matilsky Family
Melissa & Aaron Kass Miriam and Rabbi Arthur Ruberg Orit Amar Siederman Patti and Paul Seeman
Rachel Abrams Renee and John Strelitz Ron Kaufman Rona Proser
Ronnie Lynn Jacobs Cohen Sheila Josephberg Susan & Howard Horwitz Susan and Marty Einhorn

“of blessed memory”

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