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Welcome to Strelitz International Academy, where our dedication to excellence transcends generations through Jewish education, Global Learning and Community Leadership . As stewards of education, we invite you to consider a unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy through our after-lifetime gift commitment program.

Here’s why joining this program can be profoundly meaningful:

Life and LegacyEnsuring a Future of Excellence: Your after-lifetime gift ensures that the legacy of excellence at Strelitz International Academy continues for generations to come. By including us in your estate plans, you play a pivotal role in securing the resources needed to sustain our commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and tikkun olam(changing the world).

Sustaining Community: Joining our after-lifetime gift commitment program allows you to align with others who share your passion for education and tzedakah (philanthropy). By committing to support Strelitz beyond your lifetime, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of future students and families.

Perpetuating Your Values: Your after-lifetime gift is a powerful statement of your values and beliefs. By including Strelitz International Academy in your estate plans, you ensure that your legacy reflects your commitment to Jewish Education and IB Learning. Your generosity will serve as an enduring testament to the principles that have guided your life.

Maximizing Your Impact: Planning for an after-lifetime gift allows you to maximize the impact of your philanthropy. By leveraging estate planning tools such as bequests, charitable trusts, or gifts of stock, you can make a significant contribution to Strelitz International Academy without impacting your current financial resources. Your thoughtful planning can create a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond your own lifetime.

Honoring Your Memory: Your after-lifetime gift ensures that your legacy lives on at Strelitz International Academy. Whether through a scholarship fund, an endowed faculty position, or support for vital programs and initiatives, your generosity will continue to enrich the lives of students and faculty for years to come. Your name will forever be associated with the transformative impact of the Strelitz International Academy education.

Join us in creating a legacy of excellence at Strelitz International Academy. Together, we can shape the future of education and inspire generations to come by supporting Jewish education, Global Learning and Community Leadership. Contact us today to learn more about how you can make a lasting impact through our after-lifetime gift commitment program.

For more information about leaving your legacy through an after lifetime gift or creating an endowment today, contact Carin Simon:  757-424-4327 or

Life and Legacy Donors

Rachel Abrams David Cardon Carol and Ralph Greenhut Matilsky Family Deborah and Peter Segaloff
Jasmine Amitay Ronnie Lynn Jacobs Cohen Laura and Fredric Gross Tanya Miller Orit Amar Siederman
Anonymous Leora and Nathan Drory Susan & Howard Horwitz Heather and Doug Moore Carin & Mike Simon
Leslie Marcus Auerbach Andie Eichelbaum Josephberg Family Alyssa and Jonathan Muhlendorf Renee and John Strelitz
Brad and Babbi Bangel Susan and Marty* Einhorn Erica and Scott Kaplan Erinn and Felix Portnoy Burle Stromberg
Marcia and Amos Berkovich Cantor Wendi and Gigi Fried Melissa & Aaron Kass Rona and David Proser Doris and Seeman* Waranch
Beth Hirsch Berman Barb Gelb Alene and Ron Kaufman Miriam and Rabbi Arthur Ruberg Kenny Weinstein
Levi and Rashi Brashevitzky Carly & Chen Glikman David Leon Judy Saperstein Amy and Eliot Weinstein
Elyssa Brinn Laura and Keith Goldstein Jeff & Elayne Littman Patti and Paul Seeman Ashley and Greg Zittrain

“of blessed memory”

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