Reasons Why You Might Want Your Child To Attend A Private School

Students are learning at Private School in Virginia

If your child is just reaching school age, if you recently moved and are looking for new educational opportunities, or if you just aren’t satisfied with the education your child is receiving at a public school, you may want to consider looking into a private school. Here are a few reasons why private elementary schools may be a better option for your family:

  Focus: Private schools generally have smaller class sizes so students can get more one-on-one attention. If a child is having difficulty with a particular lesson or concept, private school teachers can more easily identify an issue, and can work individually with the student to get them back on track.

  Safety: With a higher ratio of adults to students, private schools not only have the opportunity to pinpoint if children are having trouble with lessons or concepts, they can also keep better track of the kids as they interact. So, if bullying is a problem or if a situation is escalating between students, adults can identify what’s happening more quickly and can step in faster to disarm the situation.

  Education: Public school curriculums are often handed down from the state level, with some varying degrees of differences being influenced by public school boards in each county or municipality. While private schools can utilize standardized curriculums, they also have the freedom to deviate in ways that can create a more well-rounded education that can also be focused on topics such as religion.

  Resources: Private schools charge tuition and often have endowments or fundraising opportunities that directly relate to providing the resources students will need for an advanced education.

  Graduation: Not surprisingly, private schools across the nation have nearly a 100% rate of graduation, while public schools are closer to only 80%. For students that will be going on to higher levels of education such as college or graduate school, this is an important stepping stone in getting to that destination.

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