Strelitz IB®  Primary Years Program (Kindergarten-Grade 5) Frequently Asked Questions

SIA is an International Baccalaureate® World School for the Primary Years Program (IB PYP). SIA has been fully accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) since 1987 and is also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). SIA is a founding member of PRIZMAH, the Jewish Community Day School Network.

SIA recognizes that Private School tuition poses a financial strain on many families. We have created a Flexible Tuition Program for our families with students in grades K-5. Please refer to https://strelitzinternationalacademy.org/admissions/application-process-and-deadlines/early-years/ for more information.

Our Early Years Program has a financial aid program for families needing for EYP Tuition Assistance.

SIA alumni are enrolled in a variety of the top independent schools and public school programs in the area. Our graduates are confident and academically prepared for middle school and experience a smooth transition socially, academically and emotionally. We also have an active alumni program which meets monthly so our alumni can maintain the close relationships with their SIA friends.

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Infants and Toddlers maintain a 4:1 ratio with four children to 1 teacher.

EY2 Classes: 12-13 students with 2 teachers.
EY3 and EY4: Up to 18 students with 2 teachers.
Kindergarten class: Up to 16 students with one teacher and a floating assistant.
Grades 1 – 5: One teacher with up to 20 students.

Our faculty is warm and nurturing and enjoys helping our students to reach their full potential. SIA teachers are passionate about teaching and inspiring their students.

Our curriculum is challenging as students are pushed to meet their potential, participate in the Suzuki violin program, and study the Hebrew language. Teachers provide students with challenging work within the classroom and provide individualized work when necessary.

Yes, we have an active Parents’ Association that helps to plan family events, assist with school projects and so much more.

Yes, SIA’s Sundown Program is open for our K-5 students and runs from dismissal until 6pm.  In addition the Simon Family JCC runs “Kids Day Out” on days that school is not in session.  Please refer to the Year at a Glance for the scheduled days.  Students in Early Years needing aftercare should enroll in our fullcare program.

Strelitz offers many after school activities for free or for a minimal fee including: Intramural Sports, Coding Club, Robotics, Drama Club, Garden Club and Chess Club. The Simon Family JCC also has a variety of afterschool programs including basketball, swimming, and tennis.

We do not have a bus service, but are happy to help you find other families near you who may be able to carpool.

Yes, we have a great lunch program with a variety of options. All students have the option of buying or bringing their lunch.

Strelitz students in grades 1 through 5 participate in the same standardized tests (ERBs) as other local private schools. The ERBs are created and scored by the same company that creates the SATs for college entrance. In addition, the schools that accept our students after SIA graduation tell us how well prepared they are for when they arrive for continued education.

Yes, we are happy to enroll students at any grade level. We assess each child’s achievement levels to ensure that we can place each student in the appropriate class.

SIA Hebrew teachers realize that many of our parents have little to no Hebrew knowledge and assign homework that does not require parent assistance.

No, we welcome all students regardless of religious practice.

Strelitz primary teachers are required to maintain Commonwealth of Virginia teacher certification. Jewish studies teachers are required to earn an annual Jewish Education Council certificate. They must participate in specific workshops designated by the school administration. In addition, teachers must show an understanding of children and work towards their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, and moral growth and development. Teacher assistants must have completed at least high school and show an understanding of children. They are active participants in helping the children reach the aforementioned growth and development. They also participate in professional development activities, including college courses, local workshops, and national conferences.

Strelitz students (in kindergarten through 5th grade) go on one or two field trips a year. Field trips coordinate with the curriculum and include First Landing State Park, Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, Jamestown, Portsmouth Jewish Museum and various performances.

Parents are encouraged to join the school’s Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO). The group enriches and supports the school’s activities and is co-chaired by two parent volunteers.

There are many volunteer opportunities such a Parent Socials, Room Parents, School Events, Parent Ambassadors, Field Trip chaperones and more.

In the three-year-old classes, parents and other relatives are encouraged to become a Mystery Reader. Mystery Readers register for a specific day to come to a child’s class and read a story. Some families provide additional activities coordinated with the story.

In the four-year-old classes, each student is assigned a week as Family of the Week. During the week, the student and his/her family provide activities or visitors to showcase their interests.

Strelitz families do not have to join the Simon Family Jewish Community Center. However, families receive a 40% discount on JCC membership. Most of our families are members because it is a wonderful center with a state of the art swimming pool and workout facilities.

Strelitz families do not need to be Jewish, and we are open to the community. Our non-Jewish families appreciate the Judeo-Christian values that we teach our children.

Yes, we require the Virginia School Entrance Health Form for all students. If your child has asthma, a life threatening allergy and/or needs to have medication administered during school hours, please fill out the appropriate forms and return them along with medication.

Strelitz is an allergy-conscious school. We have a full-time nurse on staff who identifies children with allergies and trains teachers to address medical issues that may arise in the classroom.

The Early Years Program is peanut and tree nut free to ensure the health and safety of those children with life-threatening nut allergies. Children are also not allowed to share their lunches because of allergies and kosher dietary practices.

Our goal is to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Children who are most contagious or unable to withstand the activities of a school day must be kept home.

Reasons we will require children to stay home until they are well:
  • Temperature of 100.1°F or above
  • Vomiting or diarrhea more than once in the past 24 hours
  • Contagious disease such as chicken pox or strep throat
  • Unidentified rash, yellow or green nasal discharge
  • Not been on a prescribed medication for at least 24 hours or continues to have symptoms

Children with cold symptoms but without fever and who otherwise appear well may usually come to school.

If a child arrives with or develops these symptoms after arriving at school, you will be notified to immediately pick up your child. Children may return when they are symptom-free for 24 hours, have been appropriately treated or have been given medical approval to return to childcare.

Strelitz Early Years Program (Age 2- Pre K) FAQ’s:

We do not require two-year-olds to be toilet trained. Teachers will change diapers and work with parents who are in the process of training their child. Most two-year-olds are toilet trained by the end of the school year, but our three-year-old teachers are prepared to change diapers and continue to work with parents on the training process. Students need to be potty trained entering the four year old program.

In the infant center, infants and wobblers have separate play areas. In the wobbler group, ages range from approximately 12 to 15 months. Toddler room ages range from 16 to 24 months.

In the preschool, children are divided by age groups into two, three or four-year-old classes. Generally, two-year-olds have a separate playground time from the three and four-year-old students.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade go out for recess every day together.

Infants and toddlers participate in the music circle with our music specialist. Preschool students, age two to five, also have scheduled music circle times, as well as a scheduled library and physical education times. Three and four-year-old students participate in swim instruction.

The Strelitz uses a third party company to collect payments. FACTS Tuition Management is the payment plan provider used by numerous private and public schools nationwide.

Payments through FACTS Tuition Management can be set up on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the program. You can also pay in full for the entire year. Annual tuition must be paid in full by August 1st of the given school year.

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