Board of Trustees

Heather V. Moore Head of School/

SIA Executive Committee 2023-2024
  • Wendy Goldberg, President
  • Amy Weinstein, President Elect/Vice President of Administration
  • Nan Zhang, Treasurer
  • Jasmine Amitay- Secretary
  • David Cardon, Past President, Nominating
  • David Leon
  • Babbi Bangel
  • Randi Gordon
  • Laura Miller
  • Burle Stromberg
  • Steve Zuckerman
SIA Board of Trustees
  • Rachel Abrams
  • Jasmine Amitay
  • Babbi Bangel
  • David Cardon, Past President
  • Aaron Glassman
  • Wendy Goldberg, President
  • Randi Gordon
  • Andrew Gottlieb
  • Aaron Kass
  • Cindy Kramer
  • David Leon
  • Laura Miller
  • Andrew Nusbaum
  • Shikma Rubin
  • Marissa Simon
  • Burle Stromberg
  • Utomwen Uduaghan
  • Amy Weinstein
  • Nan Zhang
  • Steven Zuckerman
SIA Board of Governors
  • Zena Herod
  • Jodi Klebanoff
  • Deborah Segaloff
Randi Gordon, Past President, Board of Trustees

Our association with the Strelitz International Academy brought so much more than academic excellence. Our family found a welcoming and supportive community which enriched our lives. My children gained an intrinsic sense of self and comfort with Jewish community and traditions which strengthens them every day. They are confident in who they are and comfortable finding community wherever they travel. I was proud to serve as the President of the Board of Trustees to ensure that our school remains a beacon of academic, ethical and communal excellence for years to come.

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