First Week of Remote Learning Experience from Strelitz International Academy


Dear Strelitz International Academy Supporters,

First and foremost, we pray that you, our SIA family, stay healthy and safe during these uncertain times. We are all adjusting to the new normal here at SIA with remote learning. Our faculty and staff are working harder than ever to bring inspiration, continued learning, and structure to our students in their homes. As we end our first week of online learning and reflect on all that our teachers and families have accomplished in just a few days, it is truly amazing to see our human ability to constructively adapt. We thank everyone who is working so hard to create this new educational environment – teachers, administrators, parents, students, and supporters.

Monday was a different kind of day. There were no students in our hallways. The typical laughter and chatter were absent, creating a sad silence. We are now faced with a new normal, and our new normal is truly inspiring .

SIA possesses a faculty of learners, innovators, and dedicated educators. While walking through the hallways, we saw teachers working together, helping each other master the technology needed to teach our students. The learning curve is amazing to see. This will not be easy for our parents, students, or teachers.

Teaching remotely will present many challenges, but we have seen teachers stepping up and getting ready to do just that. There were groups of teachers strategizing while others were learning new programs and software. One teacher was already preparing songs for our school’s first online Shabbat assembly with our Primary Years families. Our teachers are deeply committed to the education of their students. As a school, we are deeply committed to doing everything within our power to help our families, faculty, and staff meet the technological, educational, and fiscal challenges that lie ahead. Changes may come daily or weekly, and we will all be on our toes to adjust, rearrange, and move forward. We will continue to keep you abreast of our progress.

May we all see the good, have faith, courage, and the strength to adapt to change in our new world.

An integral part of the Strelitz International Academy is the relationships we build between students, parents, teachers, and the greater community. The foundation of our school community is our core values of Repairing the World, Respect, Love of Learning, and Community. These values are upheld by all of our constituents, creating a system of shared beliefs. Graduates of SIA are critical thinkers, confident leaders, respectful communicators, and caring collaborators who are good citizens of the world.

Thank you for your continued support during this trying and difficult time.

Shabbat Shalom!

Heather V. Moore
Head of School

David Leon
Board President

Patti Seeman
Director of Development

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