Celebrating Chanukah at the Strelitz International Academy


How many ways can you celebrate Chanukah? At the Strelitz International Academy, the ways are endless and include a combination of learning the story and rituals, celebrating traditions, doing mitzvot to help others and of course having fun!

The SIA students started preparing weeks ago decorating the hallways, participating in the annual Chanukah Gift Drive run by Jewish Family Service and making cards for patients of the Gordon Family Hospice. Not to mention ordering their Chanukah attire to wear at school all week long!

Students learned and reviewed the story of Chanukah through stories, songs and art. Our littlest learners integrated math skills into their Chanukah learning by focusing on counting 8 candles and learning to name the numbers in Hebrew. Students explored the miraculous story of Chanukah, discussing the brave Maccabees, making Dreidels, singing the Menorah blessings and Chanukah songs, and creating their own menorahs to use during Chanukah.

Chanukah learning by focusing on counting 8 candles

But Chanukah learning is more than menorahs, dreidels and latkes! As an IB® PYP school, important global and unifying concepts were covered relating to Chanukah. On Chanukah we celebrate the miracle of the oil of the Menorah that lasted for 8 days and we celebrate the right for all to have religious freedom. From the four year old classes who considered the diversity of our world by learning how other cultures celebrate the holiday season. To the fifth graders who are studying other historical revolutions that have taken place throughout the world. At SIA students learn the importance of the Chanukah story and how it relates to our lives today.

With Covid numbers rising through our community and most students throughout Virginia Beach learning from home, the SIA students are feeling so fortunate to be able to learn and celebrate Chanukah with their friends at school in person.

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