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Education at Private School in VA


The Top Considerations For Choosing Between Private and Public School Education

Pre-pandemic, there were a host of differences between public and private schools that parents needed to weigh before deciding which of the

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Students are learning at Private School


The Value of A Private School Education

When it comes to defining “value,” it’s hard to refute statistics. According to reports from the National Education Longitudinal Study (NELS), [...]

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Students are learning at Private School in Virginia


Reasons Why You Might Want Your Child To Attend A Private School

If your child is just reaching school age, if you recently moved and are looking for new educational opportunities, or if you just aren’t satis[...]

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car for golf play


Register Today for The 32nd Annual SIA Golf Tournament

As Governor Northam’s plan to start opening Virginia back up moves through various stages of returning to “normal” activities, we are optimisti[...]

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Teacher Reading to Preschoolers


How you can help prepare your kids (and yourselves) to return to group care, camp or school

Many of us are probably experiencing "quarantine fatigue." We have been home with our families for far longer than any of us has ever been in the past. Literally. In the house[...]

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Teacher Reading to Preschoolers


Parenting Styles That Can Cause Entitlement in Kids and What To Do To Change Them

Everyone wants what’s best for their children, but sometimes that means providing guidance that may not be popular. Yet many parents still give in to their kids’ whims simply [...]

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Students Learning About Passover Via Distance Learning


EY3 Learning About Passover Via Distance Learning

Tradition and technology intermingled this spring as EY3 students learned about the traditions of Passover in a rather non-traditional way. As [...]

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Primary Years Distance Learning


Primary Years Distance Learning Reflections

It is hard to believe that we are in Week Four of Distance Learning. Though we miss our students more than anything, we have developed a great routine "at school" which is hop[...]

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Distance Learning at SIA


SIA Distance Learning is Out of this (Virtual) World

In a time of unquestionable uncertainty, one thing is certain, the students at the Strelitz Int[...]

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First Week of Remote Learning Experience from Strelitz International Academy

Dear Strelitz International Academy Supporters, First and foremost, we pray that you, our SIA family, stay healthy and safe during these uncertain times. We are all adjusti[...]

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Students of Early Years Programme


What is The Secret to Learning?

When it comes to education, young people are like sponges, ready to soak up as much as they can from the environment around them. However, as Lorna Orleans, our Director of th[...]

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