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Happy Chanukah from SIA


Celebrating Chanukah at the Strelitz International Academy

How many ways can you celebrate Chanukah? At the Strelitz International Academy, the ways are endless and include a combination of learning the story and rituals, celebrating [...]

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Rubin Testimonial


Ten Questions To Ask When Choosing The Right Education For Your Child

Sending your young ones off to school is an exciting, yet intimidating process for any parent. Not only do you want to ensure they are getting [...]

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Fifth graders Ben Amitay as Vice President Joe Biden and Amelia Portnoy as Senator Kamala Harris


Strelitz International Academy Students Learn About The Election Process in The U.S. and Israel

Would you believe that learning about politics can be fun? As an

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Conversation Between Parents and Elementary School Teacher


Building A Great Educational Partnership

Building an educational partnership is an important component of student growth. With parent conferences over and the end of the first trimeste[...]

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Infant Daycare


Early Literacy Development for Infants and Toddlers

As our little ones come into the world, we watch them develop so many new skills in their first year of life. They smile, they pull up, they crawl, they speak. Did you know th[...]

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Students are Wearing Mask While Going To Private School


Please Limit Your Covid Exposure Potential This Holiday Season

The holidays breaks are closer than we think, and under normal circumstances we’d all probably be in the process of making plans to visit family and friends to enjoy some spec[...]

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First Day of School After Pandemic COVID-19 Lockdown


Strelitz International Academy Students Return To School on Campus!

SIA students returned to campus for in person learning on August 24. After almost 6 months away from their school campus and their friends, SIA students were so excited to com[...]

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Students are doing some experiment with Microscope


What To Expect When Strelitz International Academy (SIA) Reopens

A major advantage of the International Bacc[...]

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Students Learning by themself at IB Classes


What is the difference between Honors, AP®, IB®, and college classes?

For high school seniors hoping to continue their education at a college or university after graduating, getting accepted to a school of higher learning can be a very competiti[...]

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Education at Private School in VA


The Top Considerations For Choosing Between Private and Public School Education

Pre-pandemic, there were a host of differences between public and private schools that parents needed to weigh before deciding which of the

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Students are learning at Private School


The Value of A Private School Education

When it comes to defining “value,” it’s hard to refute statistics. According to reports from the National Education Longitudinal Study (NELS), [...]

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Students are learning at Private School in Virginia


Reasons Why You Might Want Your Child To Attend A Private School

If your child is just reaching school age, if you recently moved and are looking for new educational opportunities, or if you just aren’t satis[...]

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