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Some kids are doing coloring activities


Helpful Transition Tips for Early Years Students

We were so excited to see so many smiling faces greeting us on the first day of school. This can be such an exciting time for many of us, either joining the school community f[...]

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A kid practicing gardening activity


5 Fine Motor Skills Needed for Kindergarten Readiness in 2021

Even if your child has experienced pre-school, moving on to kindergarten is still an exciting step into the “big kid” world. Besides shopping for school supplies and new shoes[...]

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Two toddlers playing with magnet pins


Summer Fun for Toddlers

Adventures in Science Week Led us to Many New Discoveries! Science offers so many exciting ways to engage young students. Our Adventures in Science Week was a fun-fi[...]

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Three girls studying and doing there daily chores


Advantages of Preschool for Toddlers

As your sweet baby grows into a more independent child, you may be thinking about preschool. Even though it might be hard to send your little one off to school for the first t[...]

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Teacher teaching all Pre-Kindergarten students


Importance of Pre-Kindergarten

What Is The Difference Between Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten? Essentially, the goals of both preschool and pre-Kindergarten are the same - to get your presc[...]

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Students after graduating from SIA School


SIA Graduation & Conclusion of a Successful Year

As the Strelitz International Academy graduates ascended the stage on June 8, 2021 for their special graduation ceremony, parents and supporters all cheered with joy and pride[...]

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Four Year Old kids wearing custom masks at SIA


Learning Goes Beyond the Classroom in the Four Year Old Pre-K Class at SIA

A long standing tradition of our EY4 program has b[...]

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Parent Communication in SIA


Parent Communication at SIA

Parent and Teacher communication is a very important part of the private school experience at SIA. We are one of the

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Children sit at the tables in the classroom and studying


Current trends in International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programs (IB PYP)

In the wake of the worldwide pandemic, disruption to education occurred in record numbers across the globe. As a result, many schools and educators were forced to find alterna[...]

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Teacher guiding small students at Strelitz International Academy


Top Preschool Learning Activity Ideas in 2021

Learning at home can be difficult for some children, but it can be even more challenging for parents—especially for those who have no previous teaching experience or training [...]

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IB Elementary School Students doing an Fine Motor Skills Activities at Strelitz International Academy


Helping Your Child Build Fine Motor Skills

As adults, we probably take our fine motor skills for granted most of the time.

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Students Learning at Early Years Programme


Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

The “early” in Early Childhood Education is genera[...]

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