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IB Elementary School Students doing an Fine Motor Skills Activities at Strelitz International Academy


Helping Your Child Build Fine Motor Skills

As adults, we probably take our fine motor skills for granted most of the time.

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Students Learning at Early Years Programme


Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

The “early” in Early Childhood Education is genera[...]

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Students Learning at IB PYP School


Going From an IB Program to Another Program

Moving can be a very stressful experience for young children. Making new friends, meeting new teachers and getting used to a new routine. When getting ready to relocate to [...]

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Celebrating Jewish Holidays at SIA


Celebrating Jewish Holidays at Private School

One of the greatest things about being a Jewish Day School, a member of the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, as well as an

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Child Studying at Private School


Are Private Schools A Good Investment For Your Child’s Education?

When considering whether to enroll your child in a private school versus sending them to a public institution, there are a number of factors that may help you decide. For one,[...]

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Child with his parent explore the Art Show Gallery at the Norfolk International Airport


Art Show at the Norfolk International Airport

When it comes to truly shaping young minds, a report by Americans for the Arts found that young people who regularly participate in the arts are more likely to be recognized f[...]

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SIA faculty and administrators attended the IB® Virtual Conference


IB Professional Development Day at SIA

Strelitz International Academy recently held an International Baccalaureate (IB®) Professional Development Day for the whole school, led by

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Group of Students Wear Mask to Celebrate Spirit Week


Spirit Week and Day of Giving inspires extraordinary level of Parent Donations at the Strelitz International Academy

SIA returned from Winter Break to a whole school Spirit Week from January 5th through 8th, culminating in the Day of Giving on January 8th hoping to inspire parents to partici[...]

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Happy Chanukah from SIA


Celebrating Chanukah at the Strelitz International Academy

How many ways can you celebrate Chanukah? At the Strelitz International Academy, the ways are endless and include a combination of learning the story and rituals, celebrating [...]

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Rubin Testimonial


Ten Questions To Ask When Choosing The Right Education For Your Child

Sending your young ones off to school is an exciting, yet intimidating process for any parent. Not only do you want to ensure they are getting [...]

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Fifth graders Ben Amitay as Vice President Joe Biden and Amelia Portnoy as Senator Kamala Harris


Strelitz International Academy Students Learn About The Election Process in The U.S. and Israel

Would you believe that learning about politics can be fun? As an

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Conversation Between Parents and Elementary School Teacher


Building A Great Educational Partnership

Building an educational partnership is an important component of student growth. With parent conferences over and the end of the first trimeste[...]

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