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How To Support STEM Education?

In International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, STEM education is a journey of inquiry, innovation, and integration. How can you support STEM within this visionary educational framework? Here’s a practical guide to […]

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Music Insrtments


Strelitz International Academy and the Suzuki Method

​In the exciting world of music education, the Suzuki Method is a revolutionary approach that has transformed how young learners engage with violin mastery. Developed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki […]

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Innovative Learning Through Technology in IB® Education

Technology is not just a tool, but a catalyst for transforming education. In IB® schools, technology is integrated into the curriculum to enhance learning, foster creativity, and develop global citizenship. […]

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Friendsgiving: Building a Community

By Elyssa Brinn, Early Years Director “What does it mean to be thankful?” is a common question heard throughout the Early Years hallway as the school year begins. This is […]

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Year 2024


As Resilient As Ever: IB® Students Are Ready To Take On 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new year, our IB® students are as resilient as ever. Think back to the challenges in previous years— the labyrinth of […]

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Allena Anglen and her third-grade class are attempting to clean up a simulated oil spill using disposable pipettes.


Third-Grade Scientists Take on Oil Spills

At Strelitz International Academy, our students become International Baccalaureate® learners as early as six weeks old. A huge part of an IB® education is the IB® Learner Profile Traits. These […]

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bear hunt in school


Early Years 3 Goes on a Bear Hunt

Early Years 3 students at Strelitz International Academy gathered their binoculars and maps and went on their very own bear hunt! In Morah Lavette Ricks’ class, students were inspired by […]

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Importance of Primary Education


Importance of Primary Education for Your Child’s Development

Primary education is a fundamental stepping stone in your child’s development. It’s the phase where the foundation for lifelong learning and skills is established. Above and beyond the ABCs and […]

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Children in Elementary School


Who We Are Today in the Primary Years General Studies?

The story of Who We Are in Primary Years General Studies at Strelitz International Academy is truly an interesting one. From Multiple Intelligences and Understanding by Design to Inquiry, our […]

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Children in IB Classroom


Strelitz International Academy Back to School

Strelitz International Academy welcomed the new school year with open arms and smiling faces. The school’s entryway has been reimagined with a beautiful IBⓇ-themed mural, and new toddler classrooms, adding […]

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Class room with benches and board


Exploring the Difference Between IB® School and Regular School

As a parent, do you often find yourselves at a crossroads trying to determine the best academic path for your child? From private to public schools, your chosen institution will […]

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IB Education


Benefits of Choosing an IB® Program Education For Your Child’s Future

As parents, you undoubtedly want only the best for your child. Who wouldn’t? Their education, well-being, and—most importantly—their future is your whole world.  In this pursuit, the International Baccalaureate (IB®) […]

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