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summer reading in IB School


Strelitz’s Summer 2024 Reading Roundup For IB® PYP Students

At SIA, our goal is to help children take meaningful actions through their inquiries. These actions don’t need to be monumental but should be connected to their learning experiences, giving […]

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36th Annual Strelitz International Golf Tournament


Save the Date for the Golf Tournament of the Year!

The 36th Annual Strelitz International Golf Tournament, proudly known as the “Bob Josephberg Classic,” co-chaired by David Leon and Babbi Bangel, is set to be the highlight of the season […]

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Strelitz academy staff


Strelitz International Academy (SIA) Awarded Prestigious VAIS Accreditation

Strelitz International Academy (SIA), is an independent school in Virginia Beach that serves students from infants and toddlers (six weeks to 24 months) through kindergarten and up to 5th grade. […]

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A girl is playing outside in summer


Why Children Should Play Outside More This Summer

Do you remember the times as a child when you would practically beg Mom and Dad to let you play with your neighbors across the street? Bicycles and scooters gliding […]

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Quinn M., Calanit W. and Grayce B. pose with their beautiful chalk art before the beach clean-up.


Strelitz International Academy Mitzvah Club Shines at Beach Clean-Up: A Day of Service and Fun

By Ally St. Pierre, Admissions and Marketing Manager The sun shone brightly as students and families from the Strelitz International Academy Mitzvah Club gathered at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for […]

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Using inquiry skills to build a functioning paper airplane in STEAMinist Monday club.


Why are Elementary Schools Embracing the IB® Curriculum?

Have you heard of the IB®  program?  If you live in or near Virginia Beach and have children approaching elementary school age, you might have encountered this term in your […]

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Two girls are playing sandbox paly


The Early Years Benefits of Sandbox Play

Sandbox play is more than just a childhood pastime—it’s a catalyst for multifaceted growth in young learners. At Strelitz International Academy, we’ve witnessed the strong impact of this timeless activity […]

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Teacher teaching the computer to students are in the


IB® PYP Schools in the Virginia Beach Area: What Sets Them Apart

Remember that wide-eyed wonder your child had when they were little? The constant stream of “why” questions, the insatiable curiosity about the world around them? As parents, we cherish those […]

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A girl is writing on a paper in school


Three Reasons Why Strelitz International Academy Is the Best Choice for Your First Grader

Picking the right school for your little one is a massive step. It’s not just about the building or the books; it’s about setting the tone for their whole learning […]

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students in the classroom


SIA- The IB® Way

In a world that demands creativity, critical thinking, and empathy, the International Baccalaureate (IB)® program at Strelitz International Academy (SIA) offers a holistic education. For parents seeking to foster academic […]

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A boy looking at the light


How To Support STEM Education

In International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, STEM education is a journey of inquiry, innovation, and integration. How can you support STEM within this visionary educational framework? Here’s a practical guide to […]

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Music Insrtments


Strelitz International Academy and the Suzuki Method

​In the exciting world of music education, the Suzuki Method is a revolutionary approach that has transformed how young learners engage with violin mastery. Developed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki […]

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